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Venture Capitalist Fashion =)

Found cools T-shirts))) My favourites:

and this one )))))))

Visit for more.

UPDATE: If you liked these T-shirts, take a look at this website too

These guys rock))))


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A whole new way to raising money

Right now twitterians helped to raise $1177. And more than $500 were raised in 2 hours!!!!! Coool!

My new friend Chris Brogan  twittered to his followers asking to help raise this money.  Also did I.

This shows us whole new way raising money. Heavily utilizing social networks and social utilities.

A took a look at ChipIn…Gosh! This maybe a new way to get funding for a startup! It has some problems (big problems) with legal papers, etc. BUT!

I call it “Startup IPO” 😀 Go public from the scratch! LOL on that!

Really. YCombinator invests usually around $20000. But people and connections are much valuable here of course….hmm….You can hire someone to help you build your company… Nevetheless we have something to think about!

What do YOU think?

The ChipIt link here:

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