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I really love these:

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Long tail Feature Requests

Recently Chris Brogan wrote about LinkedIn features he needs. After reading his post and comments along with Highrise customer forum I came up with the following:

A LOT of people want features which are extremely valuable, but only for a small group.

And they are willing to pay for them. If it’s possible to create a sort of Features API for a particular App then a user can pay to a “features vendor” for developing and hosting features, which are relevant for the user.

“Feature vendor” here is a third-party developer or company not affiliated with the App vendor.

This is how everyone benefits. But we have a lot of problems here: conflicts, privacy…

I dunno…What do u think?

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Ugly web problem

The one of the most ugly problems for me is tracking and managing all my activities on the web. Ex., I’d like to post a comments on your blog posts, but I’m always forget it. And the RSS reader doesn’t solve this problem. And often my friend write something on his/her LiveJournal. I’d like to post a comment, but I haven’t an LiveJournal account and I don’t want to create dozens of accounts just to post a comment. And OpenID isn’t going to solve this problem too. I even can’t see all my writings everywhere on the Web for a givig period of time!!! It’s annoying….I’d like to have some social network with ability to track all my and my friends’ activities on the web. see what are they doing right now. Facebook have the News app, but it’s suitable only if you’re going to read something thru facebook’s link. Twitter doesn’t solve this problem too. There can be some solution in a form of mashup…but I don’t seem to me a great idea, cos you’re relying on some other services…

The users must own their information. But how? Technically I mean. I see 3 techical approaches here for now.

1. All current web 2.0 spaces’ providers must integrate into them some kind of system approved by the majority, so it is possible to track and search.
It’s obvious, that it’s impossible (now).

2. We can make something on the user’s side – on the browser side. Extension spying all users activities on the web and tracking it somewhere in a cloud (like Amazon storage).

this approach seems more realistic, but it has some serious problems – it’s a centralization and it’s contradicting the Web nature.

3. The third approach is to make user and his spaces the part of the Web. And this means to turn user into a server. All user’s activities and data tracked and stored locallly and like a part of the Web can be crawled by search engines or something more special.
This approach also has limitations like user’s “server” must be always available and we need to invent some way to track all user’s data thru this “server”. Hmm….it seems to me that this approach very similar to 2))))

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