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Social networks cloning is good

Here’s two thumbs. One is Facebook and another is Vkontakte, one of Russian social networks.

Which one is Facebook? )))) Did you notice the difference?



Nice, right? A lot of people would say that making clones is bad, it’s illegal, it makes no sense, etc.

Well, basically that’s bullshit.

I will explain. Of course, it’s bad to make clones oriented to the same local users. I mean it’s stupid to make another Facebook clone in US. But making a Facebook (or any other successful network) clone, for instance, in Brazil can be a bless for Brazilians. Because they are enjoying social networking and they don’t need to reinvent a weel.

But please, DO NOT follow the leader  when your trying to innovate. If you think your social network will be 10% better than Facebook or MySpace, think again. +10% makes no sense. Instead try to create social network that is 10 times better.

Try something new. New approaches, new models. And keep things as simple as possible.


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