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Long tail Feature Requests

Recently Chris Brogan wrote about LinkedIn features he needs. After reading his post and comments along with Highrise customer forum I came up with the following:

A LOT of people want features which are extremely valuable, but only for a small group.

And they are willing to pay for them. If it’s possible to create a sort of Features API for a particular App then a user can pay to a “features vendor” for developing and hosting features, which are relevant for the user.

“Feature vendor” here is a third-party developer or company not affiliated with the App vendor.

This is how everyone benefits. But we have a lot of problems here: conflicts, privacy…

I dunno…What do u think?


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The biggest pleasure

Is to dare yourself.

It’s when you’re doing weight 11th time in 10 times set.

It’s when you’re running one minute more and jumping one centimeter higher.

It’s when you’re  working one more hour.

It’s when you’re making everything to push you out of your current context.

This is your job to develop youself and to make people a little more happy.

Start right now, speed up and never, never, never, never give up.

You’re hired.

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Staryi dom theatre

We’re in Staryi dom theatre right now. We were told that in 19th century the building was owned by a merchant. He lived here with his family. Hmm…this mansion is big.

Итак. Спектакль назывался “Месье Амилькар”. Театр “Старый дом” в Новосибирске.

Действия разворачиваются в Париже. Суть заключается в том, что некий богатый человек по имени Александр Амилькар желает за свои деньги купить себе семью и счастье и приглашает на роли жены, дочери и друга незнакомых друг с другом людей. То, что поначалу выглядит нелепой шуткой Александра, превращается из фарса в жизнь, а заканчивается трагедией. Живи сейчас так, как хочешь жить в будущем и, в конце концов, так и будет. И счастье, казалось бы, так близко для Александра, его жены, дочери и друга семьи. Однако Александр сам разрушает все это. Потому что не смог выдержать предательства друга. Он не способен доиграть до конца спектакль, им же поставленный.

Великолепный спектакль, восхитительная игра талантливейших актеров, мощная доза “пищи для ума”, и всё это – на сцене новосибирского театра “Старый дом”. Я потрясен. Это лучший спектакль, что я видел.

Смотрю на убогие слова, что я написал, и становится смешно, что они слабы выразить всё чувства и впечатления. А они останутся при мне.

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Geeky English lesson

Gosh! Today I had an awesome English lesson at school! Our teacher brought us a movie about quantum physics, space and time problems. Although I alredy know the majority of this stuff, that was pretty interesting. Here’s the video.

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Life is a theater, vice versa and beyond

Today Yana and I were at the Globus theater (map). The perfomance called “Family stories” (“Simeinye istorii”). It was about very burning issues like poverty in families, children and parents, etc. People shouldn’t live like this. It’s wrong. It’s awful. It’s cruel. It’s unfair. A father who beats his wife and son, a son who sees it and beats a dog then. A patriarchal family, a matriarchal family…The tragedy of old parents when their son left them and went to Switzerland. And above all this crap is….Time. Time. Time’s changing all. Time runs, time’s going fast or slow, but it never stops. It’s like a millstone grinding lifes and destinies.

Time is passing by…Every second, every minute or making you closer to your desires or moving you away from them. And it’s up to you what to do.

There was an scene during the perfomance when a boy singing somthing like “I’ve fucked Nadejda, la-la-la!!! I’ve fucked Nadejda” after he was having sex with girl called Nadejda. And there were two girls at my age behind me who were laughing on this and rolling on the floor. They considered that’s funny. I’m curious what would they say about this a decade later, when they, probably, will have their own children. I dunno. It looks like just a few people these days think about something great, want to grow and change. The majority is just like an talking, walking, fucking, laughing, working social animals. Shame.

The performance was awesome though. Thanks to the actors and staff.

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A whole new way to raising money

Right now twitterians helped to raise $1177. And more than $500 were raised in 2 hours!!!!! Coool!

My new friend Chris Brogan  twittered to his followers asking to help raise this money.  Also did I.

This shows us whole new way raising money. Heavily utilizing social networks and social utilities.

A took a look at ChipIn…Gosh! This maybe a new way to get funding for a startup! It has some problems (big problems) with legal papers, etc. BUT!

I call it “Startup IPO” 😀 Go public from the scratch! LOL on that!

Really. YCombinator invests usually around $20000. But people and connections are much valuable here of course….hmm….You can hire someone to help you build your company… Nevetheless we have something to think about!

What do YOU think?

The ChipIt link here:

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Somebody Has to Say It: Wikipedia vs school bozos

Recently I’ve been feeded by Seth’s post “The Wikipedia gap”.

Gosh! I’m fed up with the school bozos telling me that Wikipedia isn’t suitable for academic purposes! Teachers forbid to use it.  They arguing that Wikipedia contains only surface knowledge. And they force us to write useless reports, reviews, etc. It’s all a trash. We spend hours trying to extract from the paper libraries right the same information we can find in Wikipedia in a seconds! And then pushing all this trash in a well-formed paper and getting your grade….Sorry, but it’s bullshit!

Education should be concentrated on giving students real, useful skills. Everybody these times can  find information easily. Teach us how to select it more wisely, maybe. But do not force us wasting our time.

Teachers! To be a teacher is more an responsibility than a job. Think creative. Do good.

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Friends I Cant Wait to Meet

Guy Kawasaki – for teaching me how to speak and how to start.

Avril Lavigne – for “Hot” song! It rocks!

Sergey Brin  and

Larry Page – for  making me DO something, not just sitting and waiting.

Bill Gates – for  teaching me how to do business.

Vladimir Putin – for  not interfering with my business.

Valeriy Kipelov – for giving me peace of mind.

Mark Zuckerberg – for  cool new people I’ve met.

Robert Kyiosaki – for being my mentor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – for giving me love to iron.

Shakira – for making my body moving.

Tarja Turunen – for Nightwish.

Linus Torvalds – for showing me the other side.

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Guy Kawasaki’s “The Art of The Start” talk

Man…Guy rocks. I wish to talk like this when I’ll grow up!

Make the meaning, make the meaning, make the meaning, make the meaning!!!!

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Thinking different

guy kawasaki, usbcell, webapps devs don’t need to add useless features.

I wish I know what is it mean to think completely different! Look at these guys!

Simon Daniel from Moixa Energy Ltd. invented usbcell, it combines an ordinary AA size battery with USB connector so you can recharge it anywhere with USB port. Brilliant.

Guy Kawasaki. Definitely he is a great speaker. And his idea with Truemors is an example of thinking different. Check it out.

Webapps vs. desktop apps.

If I’m a webapp’s owner, I don’t forced to add new features constantly to keep up the cashflow. I already have customers. All I need is to keep them happy and to attract new customers, but attracting new customers is not about adding new useless features. It’s about marketing, it’s about creating a new apps, it’s about branding. Definitely.

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