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Me on “The Word Of Mouth Manual. Part II”

Chris, you’ve asked me about the book, and here is my opinion.

First, I like the definition of pure word of mouth:

It’s the kind of evangelist eruption and wildfire opinion–spreading
that happens only once or twice per decade. Suddenly, a brand
that yesterday was almost invisible is recognized by every con-
sumer from Boston to Bangkok. People want it so badly they line
up on cold, dirty sidewalks, sleeping in their own grime and fer-
vor for days on end in hopes of getting at least a glimpse of its
greatness, even if it will be gone by the time they actually get to
the store.

Second, key components to success:

• Stellar Product. Distinctive. Innovative. Features unlike  anything else on the market.
• PassIonate and dedIcated core audIence. Made even more distinctive and noteworthy by a community of outspoken, equally passionate, product haters.
• Brand values. Consumers align with values that are very important to their own identity.

• Impeccable tImIng. From youth trends to distribution to market demands to competitors’ follies. The point: You can’t pick this moment. It picks you.

Dave noticed that it’s really hard to achieve pure word of mouth. But it’s enough if your product is in people’s Top 40 Products. People will spread the word only about their top 40 favourite products or services (and the number of social connections are limited by 150, even if you have 1500 friends on Facebook or MySpace 🙂 ).

And the most exciting thing about word of mouth is that it’s free. You cannot buy it, but it’s free.

Looks like natural selection. Ah, world is a strange, but nice place.


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