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Word Of Mouth: Undress Now!

Word of mouth. Holy Grail of all marketers these days. Is this just another buzz or it’s something really going on here?

What’s word of mouth?

It’s the oldest and the most natural way to share something people like. It’s in human’s nature to spread the word about things they like. For instance, if you like a particular restaurant, then it’s very likely that you will tell about it to your friends, and if they’ll like it too, they’ll spread the word further, etc, etc, etc.

Why now?

There is a lot of buzz about it now, because of…hmm…Web! Surprised?

We have more than 1,400,000,000 internet users and 400,000,000 mobile internet users (and growing fast). It’s almost 2 bln internet users! Now imagine 2bln people spreading the word using social networks and services like Twitter and Pownce. It’s really possible to reach a lot of people within hours or days.

Companies, undress now!

How companies can benefit here (especially smal companies and startups)? I think they should…undress.

They should be a much open as possible. Which doesn’t mean you should have a blog or something. This is obvious. It means, if you’re going to hire someone, tell this. If you’re having a party, tell this, if you’re in doubt, tell this, if you’re excited about something, tell this to your community, to your users and customers.

Tell’em everything. Let them feel like they are a part of your company’s life. And you word of mouth will take you wherever you want.

This is how I feel.

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