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Life is a theater, vice versa and beyond

Today Yana and I were at the Globus theater (map). The perfomance called “Family stories” (“Simeinye istorii”). It was about very burning issues like poverty in families, children and parents, etc. People shouldn’t live like this. It’s wrong. It’s awful. It’s cruel. It’s unfair. A father who beats his wife and son, a son who sees it and beats a dog then. A patriarchal family, a matriarchal family…The tragedy of old parents when their son left them and went to Switzerland. And above all this crap is….Time. Time. Time’s changing all. Time runs, time’s going fast or slow, but it never stops. It’s like a millstone grinding lifes and destinies.

Time is passing by…Every second, every minute or making you closer to your desires or moving you away from them. And it’s up to you what to do.

There was an scene during the perfomance when a boy singing somthing like “I’ve fucked Nadejda, la-la-la!!! I’ve fucked Nadejda” after he was having sex with girl called Nadejda. And there were two girls at my age behind me who were laughing on this and rolling on the floor. They considered that’s funny. I’m curious what would they say about this a decade later, when they, probably, will have their own children. I dunno. It looks like just a few people these days think about something great, want to grow and change. The majority is just like an talking, walking, fucking, laughing, working social animals. Shame.

The performance was awesome though. Thanks to the actors and staff.


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