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Somebody Has to Say It: Wikipedia vs school bozos

Recently I’ve been feeded by Seth’s post “The Wikipedia gap”.

Gosh! I’m fed up with the school bozos telling me that Wikipedia isn’t suitable for academic purposes! Teachers forbid to use it.  They arguing that Wikipedia contains only surface knowledge. And they force us to write useless reports, reviews, etc. It’s all a trash. We spend hours trying to extract from the paper libraries right the same information we can find in Wikipedia in a seconds! And then pushing all this trash in a well-formed paper and getting your grade….Sorry, but it’s bullshit!

Education should be concentrated on giving students real, useful skills. Everybody these times can  find information easily. Teach us how to select it more wisely, maybe. But do not force us wasting our time.

Teachers! To be a teacher is more an responsibility than a job. Think creative. Do good.


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  1. I think what you’re missing is this: The teacher does not care to read your report. YOU are supposed to care about the report.

    If everyone stored their knowledge on wikipedia and used their brains to (I-don’t-know-what), well, there wouldn’t be many interesting conversations in real life. It’s essentially what liberal arts was supposed to be about – the well-rounding of a human.

    Comment by Dan | October 18, 2007 | Reply

  2. I appreciate your comment, Dan. But well-rounding doesn’t mean screenscraping from libraries. But this is how reports are made in schools. Students are just copying information from libraries and that’s all. Instead of this I’m suggesting following: teachers tell students whey may (and must) use wikipedia and other online stuff, BUT(!) they must produce some interesting conversations and ideas from in the report. Because teacher can easily check whether student scraped information or not. That’s the point.

    I’m totally agree on your point on well-rounding.

    Comment by bloodcarter | October 18, 2007 | Reply

  3. Hey! You are right but at that very time some people don’t use internet to find info that they need and they can’t propely use library for this too. Teachers do just one thing teach us as it was before to write things and find them but find using old methods. Whan somebody writes the train there skills in writing and thinking, othre things. But this is school. Other time you find and do everything by yourself and you also use knowledges that you have already from your school. There is just the question – when you know how to write and what to write why do you still need write just to proof your skills for teachers if you don’t need this papers and this proofing?!
    Ye, we are wasting our time being in university sometime. Some things we need to start some just garbage. But this is the system. And government likes people leaving in a system. If they are outstanding they are ally or enemy. Think creative usually means think for yourself (or for government) and after go with your ideas to make them true. Don’t need system and government? So, do what you want while they don’t decide instead of you what to right and where to find info. Teachers help us but not that much. It is there job. And this job is regulated too by system. They are just things in it. Like we all. But we have a choise to decide or we don’t and trying to escape but the leash just getting bigger and you are still in a system. So what is it?
    It is the choise. Wise choise. And you it is you.

    Comment by Yanochka | October 18, 2007 | Reply

  4. My point is:

    1. Do what you want.
    2. If don’t like doing something, see point 1.

    So I’m at school till I’m considering it’s useful for me (in any way). If not, I’ll drop it out. I don’t care about the system and government.

    Nevertheless, thanks for comment!

    Comment by bloodcarter | October 18, 2007 | Reply

  5. I know that you are not so deep in a system. But the biggest part of people are deep and going deeper. Unfortunately. You think – you go higher and out of this. We know this. It is not the way for everybody. They prefer not to have point of view in such things and just live and system decide instead of them. You know this too. Do what you want to do. People afriad of this and make their opposition in silent or going away from real life to informal groops that usually doing nothing to change this. They are like another crowd that’s all. They just live apart but their life still under the system.
    It is hard to brake through but the more you do the mpre you receive. The more you wish the more you reach.
    I like this. You too as I see.

    Comment by Yanocka | October 19, 2007 | Reply

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